Ryan (Ming-Chun) Tang
I'm an artist and designer currently working in Taipei, Taiwan, on website, landing page, software UI, ads, branding, creative, illustration and more. I'm currently working for HP on new products' introduction and steer their art direction in virtual press briefings and etc.
My art at the moment is a 4x5 metre relief with foam and clay, work in progress title is "Pangu."
Several illustrations and paintings are on hold giving room/time to this project, including featured on my site here, the Stories-at-4 series on Instagram.
Design feeds my life, and my life revolves around art.
Outside of this loop, I lift weights twice a week; I enjoy music, Ian Rankin's Rebus novels, nature, writing, and a tad bit of esports, mainly Street Fighter and Starcraft 2.
Or I work on freelance projects under my personal company - Distilled Instinct.
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*Background image by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
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